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Caring for Your Lantern

Do not fill your lantern fount more than 85% full, unless maximum burning time is required. Overfilling the lantern may cause the fuel to spill out of the burner socket onto the inner air chamber plate and leak out of the side tube joint, which creates the impression the lantern is leaking.


Push down on lever (Illustration #1) to raise the glass globe, exposing the wick. Light the wick while the globe is raised. Raise the lever back to original position, lowering the globe. After the wick is lit, it should be adjusted to no more than 1/16" above the flame plate. As the lantern warms to it's operating temperature, the flame will increase in size. Five minutes after lighting, the flame may be adjusted to provide maximum illumination. If the wick is set too high, smoking will occur, which means soot will be deposited onto the globe.


Our lanterns are shipped to you with wicks properly trimmed. With steady use, the wick will need trimming occasionally. Trim off the charred tip with a sharp scissors so that the top of the wick is flat and square: making right angles at the corners.


Grasp the bail and lift up on the chimney ring (Illustration #2). Tilt the globe to the rear (away from the filler cap) to nearly horizontal position to remove the globe.


Keep away from small children -This is not a toy! Glass globe and chimney cap will become hot during use. This lantern should not be left unattended when lit. Put it on a flat surface, or hang by the bail (handle).


Lower the wick until the flame goes out.

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