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Lantern Maintenance
1. To Remove the Globe: On a Cold Blast lantern, grasp bail and lift ring (as shown.) Lift up on ring, tilt back globe, and allow it to go all the way down. If the globe has LOC-NOBs, rotate globe a quarter turn, and pull out from wire cross guards.

2. To Remove Burner and Wick: Turn burner until ears are disengaged. Lift out burner. Keep wick between finger and edge of fuel compartment so that it is wiped dry of excess kerosene.

3. To Trim Wick: Cut straight across with shears (for either charred portion of old wick or fuzzy portion of new one.) A straight wick will burn more evenly, and give better light.

4. To Replace Burner and Wick: Put wick back into fuel compartment (or fount.) Lock burner back into place, making sure it is fitted into both grooves. (Use a piece of tape to make a leader to assist in changing the wick if necessary.)

5. To Light: Push lift lever straight down. Light lantern. Set the flame a little lower than is desired for burning, since the flame will burn higher after the lantern reaches operating temperature. If lantern is to be used in freezing weather, light it outside to avoid breaking the globe.

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 Really like the lantern will probably order another one soon. 
- Robert Dietrich