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Before Lighting a Lantern

  1. Inspect the globe for cracks or chips.

  2. Clean the lantern, check for any damage.

  3. Clean the burner for even burning. Soak the burner in white vinegar if necessary.

  4. Brush any char off of the wick and clean the charcoal out of the holes in the burner around wick holder.

  5. If the lantern is out and there is still fuel in it - check the wick length, replace the wick if needed.

  6. Always use 150 degree kerosene, or regular lamp oil for best results.

  7. Never use gasoline, paint thinner, Coleman fuel or any other explosive oil with a wick.

  8. Avoid using colored or tinted oils as they will gum up the wick.

  9. Paraffin oil should not be used with 7/8" or larger wicks due to the difference in viscosity. (Paraffin burns with a 50% reduction in light output.)


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 Thank you for a wonderful experience in our order for the "Christmas Lantern"... it was a hit! 
- Rich 'Doc' Colley