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Kosmos Lamp Operating Tips
Kosmos Oil Lamp Operating Tips:

1. We recommend using regular clear lamp oil (such as Medallion or Crown Brands), clear 150° kerosene, or synthetic kerosene only. Paraffin oil in the U.S.A. (Ultra-Pure, Nowell’s, etc.,) has a flash point over 250°, and will not burn properly and will clog the wick. Once the wick is clogged, it must be replaced. To insure the “Like New” operation, we recommend replacing the wick annually.

2. Remove the chimney, then carefully unscrew the burner being careful not to use the burner stem or thumb wheel as a lever. Even trimming of the wick is important and is most easily accomplished by exposing a bit of DRY wick above the wick tube, adjusting the wick so it is even all around and burning the wick dry until it is evenly consumed all around.

3. Fill the oil container approximately 90% full. It is also important to keep the lamp no less than 1/3 full. If the fuel level is too low the flame will begin consuming the wick.

4. Screw the burner back on to the oil container and let the wick become fully saturated (approximately 30 minutes) before lighting the lamp.

5. Light at minimal flame, quickly replace the chimney and keep the flame low for a few (5-10) minutes until the cold glass has had time to warm up in order to prevent the chimney from cracking, then adjust the flame to the desired level. (The flame at it's highest level should be around 1” tall.)

6. Lamps direct heat upward so allow clearance of at least two feet above the chimney to any combustible surfaces. Use of a smoke bell will also help to deflect ascending heat.

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 My three lanterns are beautiful and amazing. I love watching the flame at night. I have two big silver ones and one small copper one for my coffee tab ... 
- Jo-Ann Cameron