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Electric Lantern and Lamp Lighting

 = Electric Version Available
Oil and Electric Table Lamps

Glass 'Bracket' Oil Lamp
The 'Hornet' Oil Lamp - Antiqued Brass
The 'Beehive' Table Lamp

Railroad Agent Desk Lamp - Steel
Railroad Agent Desk Lamp - Antiqued Brass
Railroad Agent Desk Lamp - Polished Brass
'Maitresse' Solid Brass Oil Lamp
Executive 'De Bois' Square Base Lamp
'Concierge' Polished Brass Oil Lamp

'Concierge' Antiqued Brass Oil Lamp
'Ramona' Table Lamp - All Antiqued Brass
'Ramona' Table Lamp - All Polished Brass

'Ramona' Table Lamp with Cranberry Mist Shade
'Ramona' with Duplex Burner and Cranberry Gas Shade
'Ramona' Table Lamp with Artichoke Glass Shade
'Amie' Oil Lamp
'Amie' Oil Lamp with a Ball Shade
'Alice' Oil Lamp

'Alice' Oil Lamp with Etched Ball Shade
'Patronne' Oil Lamp in Polished Brass
'Patronne' Brass Oil Lamp with Ball Shade

'Patronne' Brass Oil Lamp with Student Shade
'Patronne' Oil Lamp in Copper
'Patronne' Oil Lamp in Copper with Ball Shade

'Patronne' Oil Lamp in Patina Finish
'Patronne' Patina Oil Lamp with Ball Shade
'Patronne' Lamp with Patina Finish and Student Lamp

'DeVerre' Patina Finish Lamp
'DeVerre' Patina Finish with Ball Shade
'DeVerre' Patina Finish Lamp with White Shade

'DeVerre' Polished Brass Lamp
'DeVerre' Solid Polished Brass with Student Shade

Big Rock Lanterns offers a large collection of beautiful, vintage style oil lamps that are not only stylish and ready for every day use, but also very useful during power outages.

Several of our oil lamps can be converted to electricity (look for the yellow thunder bolt). Enjoy safe, nostalgic indoor lamp lighting just about anywhere . . . with or without oil!

Please see our 'Lamp and Lantern Care' section for information about approved fuels.

  • Never leave a burning oil lantern unattended.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


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