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 = Electric Version Available
Oil and Electric Wall Lamps

The 'Montana' Lamp - OIL VERSION
Currently Out of Stock
The 'Montana' Lamp - ELECTRIC VERSION
Currently Out of Stock
Cast Iron Wall Bracket Oil Lamp

Dual Cast Iron Bracket Oil Lamps
Solid Brass Wall Bracket Oil Lamp
'Amie' Solid Brass Oil Lamp with Reflector & Wall Hanger

'Matador' Gold Pan Reflector Electric Lamp
'Matador' Electric Wall Reflector Fixture
'Amie' Brass Electric Wall Fixture with Reflector

'Amie' Brass Electric Wall Fixture with Ball Shade
'Amie' Electric Wall Fixture with Student Shade
Glass Fount Wall Lamp
Tin Reflector Wall Lamp
Brass Reflector Wall Lamp
'Charmante' Hanging Oil Lamp with Wall Hook

Charmante Electric Wall Fixture
'Bunk Car' Oil Wall Lamp
'Bunk Car' Electric Wall Lamp

Enjoy safe, nostalgic 'vintage' style lamp lighting . . . with or without oil!

Our Flat Wick Oil Wall Lamps are both beautiful and affordable.

Electric conversions are available on some models - look for the yellow thunder bolt.

Please see our 'Lamp and Lantern Care' section for information about approved fuels.

  • Never leave a burning oil lamp unattended.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


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