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 = Electric Version Available
Kerosene Lanterns
Emergency Preparedness Package
Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker
Wall Reflector Lantern Fixture - Oil Version
Hook and Wall Canopy Fixture - Oil Version
Hooded-Concealed Bail Ceiling Lantern - Oil Version
Large Mining Pan Reflector Wall Fixture - Oil Version
Small Mining Pan Reflector Wall Fixture - Oil Version
The 'Little Champ' Premium Grade Lantern
The 'Champion' Premium Grade Lantern
The 'Little Giant' Premium Grade Lantern
The 'Champion' Premium Patio Lantern
Currently Out of Stock
The Dietz 'Junior' Lantern
Dietz 'Junior' - Copper Bronze
The Dietz 'Air Pilot' Lantern
The Dietz 'Little Wizard' Lantern (Small Fount)
The Dietz 'Little Wizard' Lantern (Large Fount)
The Dietz #76 Original Lantern
The Dietz #76 Original Lantern - Solid Brass
Currently Out of Stock
Dietz Comet
Currently Out of Stock
The Dietz 'D-Lite' Lantern
The Dietz 'Blizzard' Lantern
LIMITED EDITION! Dietz Blizzard in Copper Bronze
The Dietz '2500 Jupiter' Lantern
Railroad Lantern - Bright Nickel Plated
'Watchman' Signal Lantern - Solid Brass
'Watchman' Style Railroad Lantern
The 'Little Champ' Party Lantern Set
The 'Champion' Party Lantern Set

Since 1840, the Dietz Company has been making superior lanterns for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Each of the Dietz lanterns was created with a specific application in mind. For instance, the 'Little Wizard' is particularly well suited (due to its large capacity tank) for emergency lighting, camping or anytime a steady, medium-bright light is required for long periods of time. The 'Junior' is best in any situation where light weight is an issue. The 'Air Pilot' and 'Blizzard' models, due to their 12 candlepower oil burners, really shine when a maximum amount of light is needed.

Flat wick lanterns burn brightest using kerosene fuel, but also work just fine on readily available clear lamp oil.

Due to the restrictions related to shipping lantern and lamp oil, we do not sell it through our website. It is readily available at most WalMart, Target or local hardware stores.

Please see our 'Lamp and Lantern Care' section for information about caring for your lantern and approved fuels.

  • Never leave a burning oil lantern unattended.
  • Use only pure kerosene lamp or lantern oil fuel.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


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