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Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Zinc Plated
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Iron
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Bronze
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Turquoise
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Country Blue
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Green
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Orange
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Pink
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Red
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Black
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Blue
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Signal Yellow
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Bright White
Feuerhand #276 Baby Special - Magenta

The Early Years 1893-1914
The Feuerhand hurricane lantern finds its starting point in Beierfeld, in the Saxon Ore Mountains of Central Europe. The brothers Hermann and Ernst Nier founded a production site there in 1893.

In 1902, The “Hermann Nier Feuerhandwerk” factory was started. It was the same year Hermann Nier applied for a patent for the manufacturing of lanterns using the stamping and folding techniques with tinning by hot-dipping and without hand-soldering. In 1926 the patents, as well as the trademark “Firehand” were also registered in the USA. The manufacture of the well-known small hurricane lanterns – the Baby series – with fireproof borosilicate glass began in 1933.

Between 1918 and 1938, Nier Feuerhand Became the Largest Manufacturer of Hurricane Lanterns in the World! Over this period of time, there were quite a lot of applications for new patents, including the improvement of the burners and development of a windbreak, the so-called “Sturmkappe”.

Since 2014, the trademark “Feuerhand” has belonged to the Petromax Group. The Feuerhand Baby Special #276 is produced in Hohenlockstedt (a municipality in the district of Steinburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) and reads proudly "Made in Germany".


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