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My first lantern restoration. Nail City NCL Co Imperial Crank Hot Blast Lantern (1877 - 1897).
I was hooked for life!

Barbara Williams
My passion for lanterns actually began shortly after I spotted a unique looking dirty, nasty old kerosene lantern at a flea market and knew that I had to have it. If my memory serves me, I believe I paid $25.00 for the lantern. It took a lot of elbow grease, but that lantern cleaned up beautifully! After some research, I discovered it was actually a very, very old lantern. All I wanted to do was electrify it so I could use it in the house without burning kerosene. For me, oil lanterns and lamps are uniquely beautiful, but I personally prefer not to burn kerosene in the house. I'd much rather plug it in or flip a switch. That's the short version of how Big Rock Lanterns came to be. As you may have hoped, I did not drill holes in that antique lantern. I sold it to a collector!

Big Rock Lanterns offers one of the largest, most distinctive collections of electric lanterns and lamps (both kerosene/oil and electric), in a wide range of styles, colors and custom finishes.

The majority of our electric lantern lamps and fixtures are sold on a 'Made-to-Order' basis. Meaning, they are custom made to your specifications. You select type of fixture (table lamp, wall or ceiling fixture, etc.), lantern or lamp model, custom color and/or finish and any available options and upgrades. Many of our electric lantern fixtures can be upgraded for use in 'damp' (protected by a porch, or similar) or 'wet' (subject to rain or sprinklers, wind, etc.) applications. For unprotected outdoor location use we recommend low voltage 12V wiring and a transformer.

All of our electric lanterns and lamps use UL listed components, and meet or exceed UL standards for electrical safety. (UL Labeling is available upon request.)